Grow Your Seeds of Intention

Grow Your Seeds of Intention

This artwork was made with love and positive energy. Please accept this gift from me as a healing and uplifting channel to guide your intentions you place for yourself and others.

Our journeys never start and they never end. They are infinite yet transient, transforming as we ourselves transform. The intentions and perceptions we hold are the key to our transformations and will guide our choices, actions and reactions.

Ask yourself today what intentions you hold and how you wish for those intentions to guide you. Write those intentions down, plant them, and watch them grow as you do. Find yourself wherever you need to be and trust in your journey and the lessons that come to you.

I recently had a dream that I was in a large cave, and I was accompanied by three men. One stood on a ledge up high across from me, as if he was overseeing everything and had the power to do as he pleased. He represented 'the devil', which then was interpreted as 'fear' (as described to me in the dream). The second man represented myself and stood off to the side on a lower ledge. The third man stood by my side, he was my spirit guide, he told me to watch the scene in front of me as it unfolded. As I watched, The man who represented me stood firmly and then in a flash, he had switched places with the 'devil'. There was a release of tension in the air, and my spirit guide turned to me and said "don't let the fear be the one in charge, it doesn't have the power."

Sounds like a pretty weird dream and perhaps a little corny (I've had dreams like this since I was very little) but the significance of it is something I feel I want share. If we let the fear take the top position, we don't allow ourselves to trust our journey. The journey can be scary, because it's new, and we've been taught to be cautious beings, ever since we were little. But the fear wants to drive us in another direction. The best quote I heard about fear was to start making fear a tail-wind, instead of a head-wind.

Your life is your story and you are the author, the poet, the artist, the creator. I challenge you to start writing how your story would look like exactly as you want it to be. Read it every day. Or you may prefer to draw it, or create a sculpture or collage. Whatever it is that inspires you and aligns with your spirit and ignites excitement and motivation. Give it some love and remind yourself every day that this is your journey, and nothing is ever going to take that from you.

Love and Light

The Wandering Artist

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